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Restructuring your property business...don't forget your Wills and LPA's!

December 07, 2020 Simon Howley ATT (Fellow), CTA, ATA, AFA, MIPA and Amanda Perrotton LLB Season 1 Episode 2
The Property Planet
Restructuring your property business...don't forget your Wills and LPA's!
Show Notes

In this weeks episode, we discuss how critical it is to not overlook Wills and LPA's when thinking of restructuring your property business.

The fundamental questions we address are:

  • What is the point of a Will - why not rely on intestacy, what is intestacy;
  • Who are the main appointments in a will - professional executors or not?
  • Important considerations in relation to generational planning in line with the structuring of a property portfolio
  • How do I protect my estate from divorce; step children; subsequent marriages?
  • Clients misunderstanding about Mirror Wills and Mutual Wills when is each appropriate? 

We round off the episode with a recap of what's being going on within Bell Howley Perrotton, with two new exciting announcements and tales of how difficult it can be to convince a prospective client, that they are not the beneficial owner.

Join us next week where we are joined by Andrew Thornhill QC, leading tax barrister and Adam Lawrence, co-founder of the Partners In Property Network.

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